The Story

Amir, Founder, and Flory, Creative Director, had been dreaming of Craft of Lyfe since 2010. Although they differ in backgrounds and professional experience, the two friends shared the same passion and drive to do good business and create positive impact. 5+ years later, they are spearheading the movement to redefine the fashion industry by changing the way products are made and empowering people to consume with purpose.

Clothing and education both heavily impact our day-to-day: they are explorations of our individuality, link us to our communities, and impact how we navigate the world. By donating up to 20% of all profits to education initiatives, we are focused on paying it forward to projects, tuition debt relief, charities, and donations.

We want to collaborate with people and brands who are also mindful about serving their surrounding communities. If you or someone you know is also passionate about our cause, contact us!

What helps the most is helping us move our inventory: purchases, referrals to purchases, and retailing opportunities will help us sustain a steady path towards achieving our mission.

Continue your support by Liking, Following, or Sharing (our Page, posts, photos and products) we’re incredibly thankful for you and very excited to be working towards creating avenues of access to education for our local and global communities.