F-O-R-M Festival of Recorded Movement

June 16 & 17 | SFU Woodward’s Cinema

Tickets and info: $25 (adults)/15 (youth) at f-o-r-m.ca

Vancouver, BC – F-O-R-M, Festival of Recorded Movement, launches the second youth-led, youth-focused movement on screen festival.

F-O-R-M is a by-youth for-youth (ages 15-25) movement on screen film festival; created through a collaboration between 24-year-old independent dance artist Sophia Wolfe, Company 605 and Kristina Lemieux. The festival encourages community-building through events, workshops and short films that inspire youth artists and audiences to see movement from new perspectives.

With low-cost weekend passes, F-O-R-M is an inclusive event, drawing young audiences and the general public interested in seeing new creative ideas emerge from this next generation. Content will include dance, skateboarding, running or any subject where physicality is central. Our aim is to celebrate and support a rising generation of creators and enthusiasts through providing a formal context to both screen and talk about their work. This second year of the festival’s main screenings will take place June 16 and 17, 2017 at SFU Woodwards Gold Corp Centre for the Arts.

Programming Highlights:

  • FORMations – Saturday, June 10, 12-3pm – Emerging filmmakers, movers, directors and anyone who is curious meet at the heart of Vancouver at the Woodwards Atrium, with their cameras (or smartphones) and movement expertise to collaborate on concept ideas and create content on the spot. Participants will then have 5 days to edit together a short film and enter in a competition to have their film shown on the big screen before each of our screenings! Collected footage will also be compiled, edited and projected at our opening party on June 16.

  • Three ScreeningsFriday June 16 and Saturday June 17, 6:30pm & 8:00pmSFU Woodwards Cinema will house four screenings of curated youth-made short films. With 32 films coming from 11 countries (including Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong) all made by artists under the age of 25 . Each of the four screenings showcase diverse creations from around the globe.

  • Five Commissioned FilmsSaturday June 17, 8pm – F-O-R-M, in partnership with Cineworks Independent Film Society, have commissioned five Canadian youth filmmakers. These films will be premiered at the Festival and followed by a peer led talk back about the creative process.

Facebook: FestivalofRecordedMovement
Instagram: formvancouver
Twitter: FORMvancouver


Craft of Lyfe is proud to be a sponsor of the event. Be sure to snag your tickets while you can at f-o-r-m.ca 

About Sophia Wolfe:  

Sophia Wolfe is an emerging contemporary dance artist whose practice also includes working with film and video. These interests lead her to start Festival Of Recorded movement in 2015, and since completing it’s first season, it was clear to her that a platform like F-O-R-M was needed amongst her colleagues and peers. Film is such a relevant medium today more than ever, and is used more and more as a universal tool to help showcase movement across all genres. Year two of the festival has given Sophia another opportunity to continue the momentum built from year one, and is extremely excited to bring to Vancouver for it’s second year, new and innovative creations from across the globe. Films this year, come from Hong Kong, Mexico, India to name a few, and pull from diverse movement forms that are sure to inspire all audiences. F-O-R-M is a space and platform to celebrate and acknowledge these young artists and bring them together to build a larger community of peers to share and witness movement from new perspectives.




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