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We live in a day and age where negative energy, division and false realities have taken over. We struggle to truly discover what's real from the noise and it becomes difficult to see truth behind the content. And I get it, with social media and platforms that spit out endless amounts of content, it's easy to get lost in it all. 

With that being said, it's important to stay true to yourself and understand what really matters to us, and you. That's why I was very excited to see my good friend, Billy Quirke come up with TED-Q. His focus, goal and thought process are raw and genuine, and I'm very excited that after a fantastic inaugural event in Vancouver, he's back and ready to tackle round 2, with a stellar line-up of guest speakers and entertainment. 

I recently sat down with him for a brief interview to pick his brain on the event and share it with our readers. 

Q: I wanted to start off with a simple question for those that don't you and the event itself: What is TED-Q? 

BQ - TED-Q is an annual TED talks style 1-day conference. It features inspiring folks giving 12 minutes presentations on their passions, projects and prophecies from conquering Crohns disease to building an Airbnb for boats. It’s everyday people – friends, family, 'Vancity' locals – telling their story, so we can learn the lessons they have.

Q: What (or who) inspired you to start TED-Q? 

BQ - In college I spent all my time watching TED talks when I should have been studying. I loved the inspiration. I loved the expression of what matters without an agenda. I wanted to be like that and also be a part of that. So I put giving a TEDx Talk on my bucket list (for those of you that don't know, TEDx is a more local version of the formal TED talks that occur annually). And rather than waiting by the phone from the TED executives to holler at me, I figured I’d put on my own conference in the mean time.

Q: What made last year's event such a success? 

BQ - When you ask somebody, ‘What really matters to you? What would you tell others given the chance? You can get an incredible answer. In the case of TED-Q it was raw and electrifying. Speakers letting their highest highs and lowest lows be seen, some of which publicly speaking for the first time. Attendees walked away with a shifted perspective on the private lives we all lead. 

(Photo: A photo taken of the inaugural TED-Q event in Vancouver)

Q: If a curious soul were wanting to attend, what’s one thing you would want to take away from the event by attending?

BQ - TED-Q is founded on the belief that every person has a powerful story to tell. A curious soul will walk away with lessons on love, purpose and legacy from the stories of how others have lived. But what I really want folks to take away, is a question, what is MY story? What TED-Q talk would I give?

Q: Where could one go to find out more about the event? 

Where: HiVE Coworking space - 128 W. Hastings st. #210, Vancouver, BC

When: Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 10am-2pm

For tickets, check out the following link: TED-Q Tickets - COL Lyfestyle members - Use the promo code "COLSPRING" at checkout to take 25% off the ticket price! Limited quantities are available.  

Feel free to also join the facebook event to get more details and connect with other inspired attendees at by clicking here - Official TED-Q Facebook Page

All the traditional inspiration of a Ted talks at the cost of a drop-in barre class, plus we’ll be serving up Nuba’s catering for lunch. All proceeds go towards The Hunk Alert men’s health initiatives.

Billy, thank you for being an inspiration and creating a platform to share that raw inspiration with others. We need more of this in our lives. 


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May 04, 2018

Beautiful CoL – thank you for sharing and continuing to bring folks together over world class design!

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